The Modern Homemaker

Hi fam!

Back in the day women would get together to exchange recipes and discuss housewife-ly related topics, or they would read magazines dedicated to housekeeping. Nowadays, this information is widely available all over the internet to those who are interested; especially on Pinterest & YouTube. You can find a great deal of content dedicated to interior decorating, cooking, baking, organizing and other such subjects online for free. What makes my blog different from many other sources is that I am not coming from a religious point of view, I am currently only 27 years old, and while I may be taking on a “traditional” role, I do not believe I am “old-fashioned”.

Needless to say, I do not take on this role in our family simply because I am a woman or am striving to live up to a particular ideology. I am simply the person who is home most often out of the two of us. My husband is a lawyer working long hours and I happen to be working from home and love being a homemaker – so it works out. I have no problem being called a housewife, but I do prefer homemaker because I feel that it better describes my responsibilities. I work on creating a home for our family. I am fortunate enough to be able to keep up with duties such as cooking, cleaning, organizing and etc., thus making our lives easier. In all honesty, I decided to take on becoming a full-time homemaker largely because I am currently pregnant and plan to be a stay-at-home mother. My goal is to pass on the same sense of togetherness, love, and warmth that I had growing up to our child. Part of my current goal is creating various family routines, plans, and traditions which will help keep us all on the same page and help us all feel more at ease on a daily basis. My goal is to keep the home running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Interestingly, homemaking isn’t as dull as you may think! In fact, homemaking comes with a myriad of rather fun (at least for me) activities, and I find myself feeling grateful for this opportunity on a daily basis. I find all the “routine” things to be rather fun and exciting, to be honest, and I plan on sharing just how fantastic and multidimensional being a homemake can be. While it is solely my choice to be a homemaker, I hope you will find something of interesting to you among my posts.

Characteristics of the Modern Homemaker:



Good judgement




Positive attitude








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