Christmas 2018 | Wish List

Hi fam!

Today is another beautifully crisp and rainy November day. I love the crisp air in the fall and winter – gives me a burst of energy!

Christmas is still over a month away, however, I am one of those people who puts the tree up in the middle of November and takes it down at the end of the 2nd week of January. I need a solid 2 months to be fully satisfied. So, at the end of this week hubby and I will be putting up our Christmas tree and decor! Yay! And since I am in the Christmas spirit already, I have been thinking about what I would like for Christmas this year. Honestly, I am not a materialistic person…but who doesn’t like giving and receiving gifts?! All year, I am practical and sensible and frugal, but on Christmas I like to take a moment to think of myself (a rare occasion) and think of what personal gifts I would like to receive. Anyhow, my wish list isn’t anything extravagant, it doesn’t include luxurious items, in fact it is relatively short, but I am happy with that. By making a list, I am not anticipating that I will be gifted everything on my list, of course, but these items are things I’ve wanted for a while now…you may surprised at what they are!

My Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa, this year I would like…

  1. A pretty plaid scarf
  2. A pair of warm gloves
  3. A body exploitating skin towel
  4. A book by Tim Ferriss called Tribe of Mentors
  5. A book by Jeff Olson called The Slight Edge
  6. A book by David J. Schwartz called The Magic of Thinking Big
  7. A book by Jen Sincero called You are a Badass
  8. A book by Cameron Diaz called The Body Book

As you see, I have 5 books on my list and only a couple of other things (gasp!). I love reading and absorbing knowledge and wisdom. Books aren’t cheap and if you know someone who loves to read, books make a great gift for Christmas. Also, books are gifts that have the potential to last a lifetime, that’s why I think that giving a one or two as a gift is very underrated. We’ve grown accustomed to electronics as gifts, expensive clothing/accessories, and other “large” purchases being suitable for gifting. However, the timelessness of books makes them a beautiful gift if you know the preferences of the person. I personally love “self-help” books (though I strongly dislike that genre name…I call them self-improvement books). I believe knowledge is power and my life drastically changed when I started reading more. Further, reading is a nice way to spend some downtown that otherwise would be spent watching TV (which we do enough of these days anyhow) or browsing the internet or using social media. Plus, as an expectant mother, I know I won’t have a load of free time when baby comes, but when I do have that nugget of free time to rest and relax, reading will be my top choice I just know it. Anyway, that’s enough of my preaching about books/reading!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and perhaps found something of interest to you. Also, if you’re interested in me sharing what my favorite “self-help” books are or what books have changed my life or simply a recommended reading list, please let me know by giving this post a like/leaving a comment :).

What’s on your wish list this year?





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