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I have a fun and exciting post for you today – my platoon of cleaning supplies! No, don’t sigh. Cleaning can be fun. Cleaning is one of my absolute favorite things, and I try to make cleaning as fun and easy as possible. The way I make cleaning a pleasurable task is I have a curated arsenal of products that I love to use. Also, I have given most a few of my cleaning tools a nickname. I have named inanimate objects ever since I was a child, but I had not named many object until I got more involved in homemaking. Once I started cleaning and organizing on a daily basis, I liked having fun nicknames to regular/boring things because it made it more fun. 

My Arsenal of Cleaning Products | Must haves! 


  • Pine-Sol Lavender Clean: I use Pine-Sol quite sparingly – I dilute it and use it only where/when necessary. It’s one of those products that powers through all kinds of things and has a lovely fragrance after you’ve used it. I use it to clean under the kitchen sink, to wipe down grimy surfaces, and to wipe down the tub, toilets, bathroom counters, and the sinks in the bathroom. I also like to pour some into a bucket with water and mop the bathroom floors with it. 
  • Lysol Power & Fresh Multi Surface Cleaner: I use Lysol concentrate (diluted) to wipe down kitchen counters, the kitchen sink, and the exterior of the toilets on a daily basis. I also like to use it on door knobs and light switches and faucets as it disinfects even when diluted. 
  • Lysol Bathroom Foam Cleaner: Works like a charm and doesn’t stink like bleach or chlorine, which is a big bonus. I use this cleaner a few times a week to disinfect and get rid of any soap build-up & etc. 
  • Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner: On a bi-weekly basis, I like to spray this gel into my toilet bowl and let it sit for about 5 seconds. Then I use a toilet brush to scrub the bowl. Once I flush the toilet bowl is squeaky clean. 
  • LA’s Totally Awesome Fabric Softener (blue bottle: Fresh Scent): I love this fabric softener not because it only costs $1.25 from Dollar Tree, but because the smell of it is incredibly fresh. I use this for household cleaning, not for laundry…let me explain: I take a small spray bottle and fill it up with 1 cup water and 1/2 cup of this fabric softener and spray down my sofas, curtains, dining chair seats, and throw blankets. I do this a few times a week; I also use this method on my living room rug. Another incredible use for it is to clean walls and closet/cupboard doors from scuff marks. It doesn’t eat away at the paint and is gentle yet effective. Plus it smells so, so good.
  • Palmolive Ultra Dish Liquid Oxy Power Degreaser: This stuff cuts through grease like nothing else and it is quite a lot cheaper than Dawn. You only need a little of the product for daily use, and using a little extra to get at very difficult messes. I love that it’s gentle on hands, too. I also buy the original Palmolive Essential Clean dish liquid in Lemon & Citrus Zest; I generally switch between the two regularly. Normally, I like to use the Essential Clean dish soap for regular use, but for when I need a power degreaser, I break out the Oxy one. Before I go in with my Lysol multi-surface to clean my sink, I like to scrub it with a little Palmolive (lemon one) and a scour pad. Honestly, this is the best dish soap I’ve come across for value and quality. 
  • Purex Dirt Lift After The Rain HE Laundry Detergent: I love this stuff. It smells super good and it leaves clothes very clean. Plus, I usually find great deals for it at my local Walmart or on Amazon. This is the best laundry detergent I’ve used to date. 
  • Fleecy Liquid Fabric Softener in the Calm scent. I use this on my towels and bedding and certain clothing. I love that his softener doesn’t have an overwhelming scent, but it does smell delicious and leaves a mild scent on clothes/towels/linens for a long time. Plus, if you use it in combination with a dryer sheet, the effects are even longer lasting.  
  • First Force Dark & Delicate Laundry Detergent. I love this stuff. This only cost me $1.25 (also from Dollar Tree) and it works amazing for delicates as well as for things like your little black dress. You can use this in HE washing machines or when you wash by hand. Another great feature is that it lifts stains out pretty will without disturbing the delicate or dark fabric. 
  • Resolve Spray N’ Wash Laundry Stain Remover Pre-Treatment: If you have spilled red wine, fruit juice, accidentally stained your shirt with makeup, or had some lunch and splashed pasta sauce on your favorite blouse, this stuff is a godsend. It really works to lift the stain before throwing your stuff in the wash. 
  • Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Rinse Aid: This stuff revolutionized how my dishes get cleaned. No joke. I used to think it’s just another gimmick to get people to buy more products, but no. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a must in my household now. My glasses come out spotless, my Tupperware is rinsed way better, and my dishes feel and look infinitely more clean. 
  • White Vinegar: Any brand will do. I get mine in a giant container from Walmart or Superstore. I love using vinegar as a natural cleaner for things like cleaning my washing machine, cleaning the sink drain, stain removal, you name it.
  • Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate): Just like vinegar, this stuff is a versatile and natural cleaner that I use in combination with vinegar for certain tasks or alone for polishing/scrubbing. Can’t be without this in my house. 
  • Method All-Purpose Cleaner in the Pink Grapefruit scent: I keep this on hand to wipe down the dining table, dining chairs, and the coffee table. It’s also quite handy when the kitchen hasn’t been used much and just needs a quick wipe down and freshening up. I like that it’s non-toxic and you don’t have to rinse surfaces after use. It also cleans really well! 
  • Bar Keeper’s Friend Cleanser & Polish Powder: I love this stuff. If you have stainless steel cookware, appliances, or just want something that will clean a multitude of surfaces to the point of looking brand new, this is your best friend. It works really well on stainless steel, copper, brass, chrome, ceramic, tile, plastic, cookware, sinks, cook-tops, & porcelain. You name it, this stuff will make it brand new again.
  • LA’s Totally Awesome Power Oxygen Base Cleaner: I get this power cleaner from the Dollar Tree for $1.25, which is a great bargain. This is chlorine-free and really does lift stains and whiten whites when left to soak. I don’t use this daily, of course, but I do use it when I need a boost before throwing something in the wash. 
  • Vim Cream Cleaner (Lemon): This stuff is really tough on dirt. I use it for a number of different things like getting rid of burnt-on food, cleaning up a greasy situation in the kitchen, as well as cleaning the oven, and microwave. 
  • Murphy Original Oil Soap: This stuff is not just for wood floors or furniture, surprisingly. I use this to not only clean my wood furnishing, but also to clean stainless steel appliances, clean my kitchen & bathroom cabinets, & treat difficult laundry stains. It leaves a protective barrier on the items so that dust and such don’t settle on the surface. 
  • Better Life Naturally Smudge-Smacking Glass Cleaner: No ammonia! I hate the ammonia that’s in most of the regular glass cleaners. This stuff is just perfect, I use it for my bathroom mirrors, windows, and glass side tables and it works just as good if not better than traditional ammonia based cleaners. 
  • Borax: This isn’t just an awesome laundry detergent, this is honestly incredibly useful from gardening to sink unclogging. I keep a box of this stuff on hand at home all the time. I tried to find washing soda here in Canada, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be available for a decent price, so the next best thing is borax. UPDATE: Washing Soda is now available at Canadian Tire (but only certain locations carry it)! 
  • Lysol No-Mess Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner. You just clip one these onto the rim of your toilet bowl and let them do the work for you when it comes to making the toilet smell less like a toilet. These also help to actually clean and disinfect the toilet bowl. 
  • Lysol Laundry Additive: I use this infrequently, mostly for socks and gym clothes. I also add it to my kitchen towel and microfiber towel load, since they collect a lot of nasties. 

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The Tools

  • Tuppy AKA Bear Family Cleaning Pads: These are incredible. They have a soft microfiber on one side and a gentle (yet very effective) scour pad on the other. I actually named this little sponge Tuppy. This box comes with 5 of them, and they can be washed and reused quite a few times, of course depending on how vigorously you use them. I use my Tuppy to clean kitchen counters, bathroom counters, the tiled bathroom wall, my kitchen back-splash, my stove top, and to wipe down the areas I’ve mentioned with my fabric softening mixture. I like to disinfect and clean my Tuppy every couple of days by soaking it in boiling water for 2 minutes and then rinsing it under a stream of cold water (I use kitchen tongs to hold it until it cools). If you don’t already have a Tuppy, get yourself one…or five…
  • Buddy AKA Scotch-Brite No-Scratch Scrub Sponges (the blue ones): These are the best sponges I’ve found for doing dishes to date. They last a very long time and you can get great deals for them on Amazon. I call this sponge Buddy. I like to disinfect Buddy every couple of days by soaking the sponge with water and then putting it in the microwave for a minute. 
  • Scour Pads (I get mine from Dollarama or Walmart): I love to use these for jobs like cleaning the kitchen sink after use. When I do need to replenish, I most often get an 8 pack from Dollarama and usually cut them in half, making 16 scour pads for $1.25. 
  • Gus AKA Magic Cloths by London Drugs. These are truly magical and they are made in Germany meaning they are true chamois cloths. I cut mine in half because they are otherwise much too large, sometimes I even cut them into quarters. I keep one of these in the kitchen at all times. I love that it absorbs everything super quickly and easily, it’s also very easy to clean and reuse. I use it when there is spillage on the counter from doing the dishes and to wipe down the faucet and sink perimeter after I’ve finished doing the dishes. I love it. Much better than wasting paper towels. 
  • Jesse AKA Regular sponges: These are just your typical sponges that don’t have a scour pad on the other side of them. I get a pack of 6 from Dollarama or Dollar Tree for use when I need to scrub the floors, baseboards, shoes, or otherwise “dirty” places. I also get a pack of cellulose sponges from Walmart (Great Value brand). Though I do love my Tuppy most of all, other sponges are quite handy for a plethora of jobs around the house that Tuppy is too special for. 
  • Jo & Mo AKA E-Cloth Microfiber Kitchen Pack: I like that this comes with 2 types of cleaning cloths. One polishing cloth (Mo) for glass and other surfaces that require to be dust free and one regular microfiber cloth (Jo) for other jobs around the house. I love this duo and use them regularly. I got mine at Walmart, but I am sure they are available through Amazon as well. 
  • Swiffer WetJet: I use this guy for my entire house (excluding the carpeted bedrooms and also excluding the bathrooms as I hand wash the floors in there). I suggest every household uses this, there is no water wasted with the WetJet since it’s just a pre-mixed floor cleaning solution. Not only is my life so much easier thanks to this, but I actually get mopping done much faster. 
  • Swiffer Duster 360: This tool is so great, you can buy a starter pack and then simply buy replacement dusters to slip onto the handle, rather than having a disposable one. The handle can be extended to reach high up places and clean your blinds as well. 

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Lana (AKA Mrs. B)


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