Christmas Traditions/Ideas

Hi fam!

I am so excited because the holidays are almost here! When I first found out I was pregnant, one of the first things I thought about was the holidays and getting to build our own traditions as a family. It truly is a magical time for children and adults alike, and getting to make it even more magical and fun is always a good goal to have – at least in my opinion. So, today I want to share the new traditions I have planned for my growing family, and perhaps some of you out there will take some inspiration from these ideas as well.

  1. Hosting a Christmas party for close friends. This will be held at our home, a weekend before Christmas. I plan on having a themed party which can include traditional afternoon tea & treats, or an evening cocktail party with finger foods. At this party there will also be fun games and a gift exchange. This way, we will get to spend the holiday season with everyone, even if it isn’t on Christmas itself.
  2. Purchasing a new ornament for the tree every year to represent the year which is coming to an end.
  3. On Christmas eve, going to see the Christmas lights which are displayed all around the city. This includes driving around to see people’s elaborately decorated homes and visiting the big tree which is lit every year in the heart of the city. This trip can also include a fun tour on the Christmas train which goes through the big city park.
  4. Christmas eve gift box: on Christmas eve, every family member gets a small surprise gift box filled with cozy items. This can be opened after dinner before heading out to see the lights. Some ideas for the contents of the box are: reading socks/cozy socks, snacks, a bath bomb, and a PJ set. Or, alternatively, A book or magazine, cozy socks, tea, and a mug. I personally love the idea of a new PJ set every Christmas eve, it’s a fun tradition that makes everyone feel cozy and they’ll have something to race into the living room in for the opening of the gifts the next morning! You can tailor the box to the person, to your family budget, and to your own family traditions, which is the most exciting part.
  5. Family activity. After coming home from viewing the Christmas lights is a great time to play a family-friendly game or to enjoy another family activity. If the little one is not old enough for games, a fun alternative would be to sit and read a Christmas themed book with/to them. Basically, something that everyone can look forward to doing after they’ve gotten cozy in their new jammies.
  6. Christmas morning breakfast. I plan on making Christmas morning the most special breakfast of the year. That said, I plan on it being partially made-ahead the night before, so that I don’t have to spend the entire morning in the kitchen. I want it to be something the family looks forward to all year long with dishes only made once per year for Christmas morning.
  7. Christmas dinner. Either at our house or my husband’s parents’ house (depending on the year). My side of the family has actually never celebrated Christmas. We’ve only celebrated Hanukkah and New Years, which is why my parents will likely never host a Christmas dinner but will attend the dinners happily; thus, that means either my husband and I will host or his parents will. And since I am married to someone who grew up with Christmas (and I also happen to love Christmas) we honor both traditions in our house.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of ideas. I have never been as excited for the holiday season as I am this year; but, next year, I will be even more excited.




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