Bullet Journal [Bujo]|My Supplies

Hi fam!

Hope your Monday wasn’t too painful. Today, I ended up taking the plunge into bullet journaling. I haven’t really practiced writing or drawing anything fancy by hand in a number of years. As we all know, the digital age means computers and phones are our sidekicks and notebooks have taken the back seat. That said, I’ve always loved stationery and notebooks, so bullet journaling will be fantastic for me. While doing some reading on productivity and planning, I came across many beautiful bullet journals people have set up and it made me want to try my hand at it. Before, when people would talk of bullet journaling, I thought I wouldn’t be that great at it since I am not nearly as artistic as some of the people out there, and I also figured it sounded too complicated for me. However, further research proved that bullet journaling isn’t only for artistically gifted people and it isn’t complicated at all – it’s actually fully customizable and easy. For those of you still on the fence in terms of starting or not, the way I think of it is: this is meant to be an aid to you as well as a creative outlet, if you so choose, it is not meant to be cumbersome and overwhelming. Therefore, you make it fit to your lifestyle and your needs.

So, after a few days of intense Pinteresting, Instagraming, and YouTubeing, I finally decided that today, the 10th of December 2018, I would embark on this journey of bullet journaling. Technically,I won’t be starting the journal until sometime just before Christmas because I actually found a good deal for a Leuchtturm 1917 bullet journal at Chapters Indigo online, so I am just awaiting my shipment which is estimated to arrive on December 21st.

Part of what sparked my desire to start was the thought that with a baby on the way, I know I will need a hobby I can enjoy that won’t take up too much of my time. So, this idea of starting a bujo seemed like the most logical choice. Not only is this a productive activity (since it involves actually using the journal as a planner), it is also artistic enough for me to feel like I’m being creative and relaxing…without the pressure of more intense artistic endeavors.

To commemorate my venture into the bullet journaling community, I would like to share my current supply stash for my new bullet journal. I will also include a list of ideas of what I will be including in my bullet journal. It’s quite exciting and anyone who is a stationery aficionado can appreciate this – I know I love reading blog posts about journaling and stationery.

My list of bullet journal supplies:

  • Leuchtturm 1917 bullet journal
  • Crayola Supertips Washable Markers (100 colors)
  • Crayola Pencil Crayons (50 colors)
  • Sign pen
  • Faber Castell PITT artist pen 4 pack (fine, super fine, medium, brush)
  • Zebra Z grip Flight Pens in black
  • Muji Gel Pen 0.38mm and 0.5mm
  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliners (10 colors)
  • Classic Wood Pencils + eraser + sharpener
  • Muji small ruler

What pages I’m thinking of incorporating into the journal:

  1. Gratitude page
  2. Year at a glance (including important unchanging dates)
  3. Morning/night self-care routine
  4. Favorite quotes
  5. Important numbers (phone book page)
  6. One line a day
  7. Family traditions by season
  8. goals/personal growth
  9. List of favorite teas or teas I want to try
  10. 2019 life list (alternative wording for bucket list)
  11. Habit tracker
  12. Wish list
  13. Mini vision board
  14. Baby related (undecided exactly what)

Have you ever heard of bullet journaling? If so, have you tried it and/or have you given it much thought? Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the comments!




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