Christmas Gifts for Stationery Lovers

Hi fam!

If you know someone who loves journals, pens, pencils and etc., then I have some really fun, practical, and cute ideas for gifts. I know I would be over the moon if anyone gifted me these items!

What to gift stationary lovers for Christmas:

  1. A cute mug filled with some really nice pens like Pigma Micron pens or Faber Castell pens in a range of tip sizes. Quality artist pens are always a solid gift for any stationery lover, and adding a nice mug for their coffee/tea is a great way to present the gift.
  2. Leuchttrum 1917 bullet journal (a classic staple). Okay, so this one’s more for someone who wants to get into bullet journaling or already has one on the go. However, Leuchttrum has many other nice journals ranging from small to large and plain to squared. This journal also comes in a wide range of colors, making it suitable for both colorful souls and minimalist spirits. Since these journals are great quality and generally pricey, this is a great Christmas gift.
  3. Washi tape. Washi tape is a very versatile thing, so a set in a variety of sizes and colors & patterns would make your journal-loving friend/family member very happy.
  4. Fancy binder clips. This is more of a stocking stuffer or addition to a gift, but nonetheless, some nice looking binder clips are always a nice bonus.
  5. Crayola Supertips Markers set (100 colors). I think for someone who loves coloring and/our journaling/planning, these are fantastic. The range of colors is incredible and they never bleed through paper (unless you go over the same spot a dozen times). For the price, this quality is hard to beat!
  6. Personalized pencil case. Etsy has a lot of great options for this from leather to canvas. The person you will be gifting it to is bound cherish a gift tailored just for them.
  7. Desk accessories to match their style. For someone who enjoys order but also loves stationery, get them a few nice quality pieces to keep their desk organized and pretty.
  8. Zebra Z-Grip Flight pens. For those who love ballpoint pens, these are incredibly smooth, bold, and skip-proof. These are my #1 favorite ballpoint pens in all of the lands and I’ve used many, let me reiterate for emphasis, many pens. Just make sure the person doesn’t let anyone with sticky fingers borrow them, they often get “misplaced” due to their awesomeness.
  9. A pack of Moleskine pocket notebooks. A great gift for someone who likes jotting their thoughts down on the go. The quality of the notebooks are great, and the size is perfect – not too thin, not too thick.
  10. Moleskine passion journal. They have ones for wine lovers, recipe collections, wellness journaling, bookworms, travelers journal, dessert journal, style journal, music journal, tea journal and more. For someone who you know loves any of these things, a passions journal wold be a great gift.
  11. A Filofax planner. For those who love to live a structured lifestyle and keep their days and weeks planned out, this is a fantastic, customizable option. With beautiful cover options and a handy size, the receiver of the gift will be thrilled.
  12. The Bullet Journal Method book. This new book is a guide created by Ryder Carroll to ease people into the bullet journal method, or make this process much less intimidating for already avid journalers. Whether you already know someone who bullet journals or someone who has always wanted to start, this book is sure to be a useful tool.
  13. Zebra Mild Liners. You have seen these before, I am sure. They are all over Instagram and Pinterest when you search planners, stationary, or journaling. While I personally have never owned these, I have always wondered about them. I think a set or two of these would be well received amongst the stationery lover community.
  14. Tombow dual brush pen set. For those who love faux calligraphy, these are by far the nicest brush pens for that purpose, they are easy to use and durable and they also come in a lot of different color options. If you know someone who likes calligraphy but isn’t great with fountain pens, these are a fantastic option. They can also be used similar to water color paint, which is pretty cool.
  15. Parker rollerball pen. For someone who wears suits daily, or simply loves a high quality, reliable refillable pen, the Parker pen is a classy and timeless option. There are numerous styles to choose from and certain models come packaged in a gorgeous gift box.

Happy gifting!




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