Natural Skincare Update | Additional Order

Hi fam!

I am so honored to see so much love from you on my most recent post! You are the best, thank you!

I wanted to update you on my most recent decision to add 4 more items from Andalou Naturals to my collection. In case you missed my previous post, Andalou Naturals is a skincare company based out of California that makes and sells natural, organic skincare and haircare that is non-GMO, cruelty free, mostly vegan, and safe for an array of skin types. I initially found them while searching for skincare that works well, is natural, and is safe for pregnancy and beyond.

I had recently placed an order online for three of their products: a day cream from their Sensitive line, a Brightening night cream, and a cleanser from their Clear Skin line. Originally, I was planning to wait and see how the first three products work out, but immediately after placing my oder, I was sad I didn’t purchase the other products I had my eye on. After more time researching the other products I was keenly interested in, I decided to “go big”, as they say. I bought two items from their new CannaCell collection, which I have been seeing rave reviews about, and I also bought two more items from their Brightening collection. I am very, very excited for my new skincare regiment and very excited to try out all of the products!

So, to keep with the style of the previous post, here are the items I purchased and what appealed to me about them.


Clementine + C Illuminating Toner:

I love the idea of this toner because it has beautiful ingredients like grape stem cells, rooibos and white tea, to name a few. With ingredients like these, the illuminating benefits are endless. Plus this toner is perfect for combination skin, which is what I currently have. Dry patches and easily clogged pores. Sigh. I am excited to see how the toner pairs with the other items in the line and what benefits my skin will see.

Also, the idea that this toner is in a spray bottle is great because there will be no loss of product on cotton rounds, thus meaning my skin gets the full benefits. What’s not to love?


Probiotic + C Renewal cream:

Even though I have a day cream and night cream coming, this cream is supposedly a miracle worker and I would love to alternate it for the days I need extra hydration during the day. Plus, I think the 1000 Roses day cream is a luxurious and nutrient rich cream, yet it is relatively lightweight. Whereas this cream is heavier duty, so I will see what my skin needs and choose my lcream accordingly.

The reason I chose this particular cream is that it is in the same collection as the night cream as well as the toner. What’s more is that this cream has probiotics, which makes it unique. The probiotics help maintain the skin’s healthy natural balance as well as the skin’s vitality. What really sold me on it is that people claim this cream work wonders, so hopefully it does great things for my skin!


Glow Mask:

The CannaCell line is supposed to be safe and effective for all skill types from sensitive to acne prone, which is a huge bonus. Originally I wanted the D.Tox Mask, but the more I read about this mask versus the D.Tox Mask, the more I realized the Glow Mask is better suited to my skin’s needs right now. And I will definitely be trying the D.Tox max next!

This mask promises to make your skin glow, as the name suggests. Plus, the hemp stem cells and hemp oil are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and loads of vitamins, and the beneficial antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are an added bonus. I was skeptical ordering hemp items, but after researching, I found that it is one of the best ingredients for skincare. Go figure! I can’t wait to see how this mask performs. I want that glow!


Pressed Serum:

This is a very unique serum because it comes in a solid form but melts on contact. I picked this serum because I needed a serum, and the reviews made me curious about this particular one – the format as well as the ingredients really appealed to me. Also, this serum is safe to put around the delicate eye area, meaning I can skip on the eye cream for now.

Again, this serum has all the wonderful benefits of hemp oil and hemp stem cells just like the mask, but ultra concentrated. This serum and the Glow mask were sold out when I first went to purchase them, which gives me confidence as these are clearly popular products.

Hopefully you enjoyed this splurge decision of mine haha! If you would like to hear my first impressions/long-term use experience with all of the Andalou Naturals products, please let me know! I will be happy to do a review for you guys and gals once all of the items arrive.

As always, please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts and experiences regarding natural skincare. I love hearing from you!




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