Disappointment | My Honest Opinion

Hi fam!

I am so sad! As you recall, I had ordered a bunch of new skincare from a brand called Andalou Naturals. Well, I finally received all of the stuff and tested it out…unfortunately, the testing period came to an abrupt end. Here’s why:

The Citrus Kombucha cleansing gel really irritated my skin, and I don’t have very sensitive skin! I am not sure which ingredient played a role in this, but I used it for two days just to make sure it was the gel causing the issue. And, sadly, it was. Perhaps I am sensitive to the willow bark? I’m not sure.

The Purple Carrot + C night cream was much too heavy for me. I know that a night cream is thicker than a day cream, of course, however, this cream was too heavy. The cream felt suffocating on my skin and I needed to wash it off before I went to bed as it was bothering me too much. It actually made my face itchy after wearing it, perhaps because it was so heavy. This cream also smelled too cloyingly sweet for my liking, but if you love thicker night creams and sweet scents, this might be great for you.

The Clementine + C toner had a beautiful scent and the mist went on very finely, which I loved. Unfortunately, it didn’t really add anything beneficial to my routine. It seemed to simply be a hydrating water mist, which is great if that’s what you are looking for, but I was looking for a toner that would help clarify – which I did not notice this toner doing. So, I am sticking with straight witch hazel for toning and rosewater for hydration.

The Probiotic + C Renewal cream was also a bit thick and heavy for me. It seemed to take forever to sink in and I didn’t like how it left a residual sort of filmy feeling on my face afterwards. I have dry skin as well as a few oilier areas, so I figured this would be good for my skin, but it was not working out. If you have a different skin type than I do then perhaps you might enjoy a thicker cream, but for me it felt unpleasant on my skin.

The 1000 Roses Beautiful day cream was fine, for the most part. This cream was lightweight and it smelled amazing. However, since I am building a routine, it seemed a bit out of place to keep just one cream out of everything. One day I may purchase the entire 1000 Roses Sensitive line of products, since my skin seems to do well with them. However, for now, I have stopped using all of the above mentioned products.

What a shame! I am pretty upset that these products didn’t work out for me. I do think that Andalou Naturals is a fantastic brand, regardless of my personal experience with these products. The ingredients and brand philosophy are wonderful, and I do not have anything negative to say about the brand itself – in fact, I will very likely purchase more of their products down the road.

What I am keeping from Andalou Naturals:

The CannaCell Pressed Serum is really nice. A little goes a long way, it has a nice light citrus scent and it feel quite nourishing. This is something I like to use at night as it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky & it does not have much of a lingering fragrance. Thumbs up for this guy.

The CannaCell Glow mask is fresh and light and really does deliver a healthy luminosity even after one use; and it also leaves skin feeling quite soft and supple. Thumbs up for this guy, too.

**I am not sponsored or affiliated with Andalou Naturals in any way. Everything I used was purchased with my own money and any reviews are my true experience and opinion.**

At this point in time, I am going to continue with oils and my shea butter soap. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but oils do not make your face oily – if used properly. In fact, the oils I use on my skin daily actually feel incredibly light and don’t leave a greasy film on my skin.

How I use my oils: I use sweet almond oil for cleansing and as a body moisturizer, I use the shea butter soap as my second cleanser at night and alone in the morning, jojoba oil as my facial moisturizer at night, rosehip seed oil for under my eyes, plant derived squalane for my day time moisturizer, and I use argan oil on my hair as a hair serum and in DIY hot oil hair treatments. I also use my hemp oil as a facial moisturizer and under my eyes on some days, as well as on my body after a shower. I do have some coconut oil left and I add that to my hot oil treatments as well. Overall, I think I am going to keep with this oil method as it is natural, safe, does not cause irritation, and does not clog my pores. Since I am still new to this world of oils, I am still experimenting with the oils and making my own oil blends. So, stay tuned for updates and DIY oil related content.

*If you want to start using oils in your skincare routine, do your research! Some oils are highly comedogenic (including coconut oil), and there are oils which are suited for different skin types/needs. So, please do learn about your skin and each oil that you will be using.

Well, there you have my sad but honest review/update of the Andalou Naturals skincare. I was very excited to use the products, but I must face the music and dance, as they say.

Hope this was helpful to some of you out there looking into these products. I don’t want to be dishonest and say I like something when it doesn’t work out for me, no matter how great I think the brand or ingredients are.






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