10 Baby Girl & 10 Baby Boy Names I Love

Hi fam!

Picking a name for a person you created is very, very difficult! You are choosing a name that will follow this new person throughout their life. Not only that, but the name simply has to “fit” and feel “right”; and while there are so many beautiful names in the world, finding the right name has proven surprisingly challenging. That said, we have finally managed to settle on a name that we think is perfect for our baby, but we will not be disclosing the name until the birth. The reasons we are not disclosing are because a) we want to make sure the name matches the person and b) we want to keep it a surprise. While thinking of names, I decided to share the list I actually made in case someone out there is looking for a name, too. I will be sharing names for girls and boys, since I made a list for both (before finding out who we are expecting). 


  1. Genevieve – this name sounds feminine and elegant, but not too mature
  2. Caroline – a sweet and classic name that reminds me of a southern belle for some reason
  3. Angelina – this name is angelic and somewhat ethereal
  4. Isabella – a very girly and soft name that makes me think of a pretty little ballerina
  5. Sophia – I don’t know why I like this name so much, but it just sounds lovely
  6. Anastasia – a name fit for a princess; this name is delicate yet spirited
  7. Alice – I love it, but I will never use this name because I had a cat named Alice, but I would have considered it more if I had no previous connection to the name
  8. Liora – this name is very unique and delicate
  9. Yana – this was my grandmother’s name on my mom’s side and I love it because it’s unique and short but also graceful sounding
  10. Elizabeth – it’s a great name because it is a common classic name, so it’s not going to be mispronounced or misheard, plus it is a ladylike name


  1. Michael – this name is common, but it was my great grandfather’s name and I like that it is masculine and reminds me of all the characteristics of my great granddad
  2. Raymond – it’s not a very “hip” name, but I really love this name and it was my husband’s grandfather’s name
  3. Grayson – it sounds a little edgy (even though it’s not conventionally edgy) and it will also sound equally as great for an adult as for a child
  4. Philip – this name was my favorite boy name for a very long time, I am not sure why I love it but I do
  5. William – this name sounds regal and strong; definitely a classic name but it doesn’t sound pretentious
  6. Mason – I like that it’s not an overly used name and is simple to pronounce, also very boyish and fun
  7. Levi – pronounced Leh-vee, this name was in my top 3 names for boys
  8. Noah – a calm sounding name that is just as cute for a little boy as it is for an adult
  9. Isaac – a biblical name but still fitting in today’s world, the name also makes me picture a very happy, smiley baby for some reason
  10. Maverick – a spunky name that I don’t hear everyday, it has a nice ring to it

Hope you enjoyed these name lists! I had fun thinking of all the lovely names out there, but narrowing it down is tough…and finalizing on one is even tougher haha!





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