Meet Lana


Hi there!

My name is Lana Blume. I am a recently married, expectant mother. I’m also a recent graduate in the wonderful field of psychology. While I love my field of study, I have found a new passion in homemaking.

A home is supposed to be everything you dream of – a sanctuary where you feel at peace, happy, and relaxed. It is a place where your family lives, your furry friends are, and all of your belongings are kept. While I used to long for a perfect designer home, those homes never convey the feeling of a place that is lived in. Magazine covers of stunning interior decor and modern furnishings still make me swoon at their beauty, only now instead of wanting to recreate the exact image I see on a magazine, I am focused on creating a clutter-free, pulled together design for my home that reflects my family. Home is a lot more than a roof, walls, and stuff…home is a feeling and a capsule which captures the essence of what family is. Which is why homemaking is a new passion of mine that I am joyfully exploring and learning more about as I go. With our first child on the way, I am “nesting” to the maximum extent of that word, trying to make everything just right for when the baby arrives. I am also improving my budgeting methods, organization habits, and a plethora of other skills that come with being a homemaker and mother-to-be.

That little backstory brings us here, to my blog: Good Wife, Wise Mother: Modern Homemaking. The name of the blog came from a very old phrase coined by Nakamura Masanao. This phrase was used to capture the essence of the idealized traditional role women were meant to uphold. Be that as it may, today woman take on many roles in life and are definitely not restricted to simply being a “good wife” and a “wise mother”. However, I find joy in being a homemaker, a wife, and an expectant mother…except a modernized version of that.

So, what can you expect from Good Wife, Wise Mother? This blog was inspired by wanting to form a community for women (and men – I don’t discriminate) to come and explore topics related to family life and homemaking. Here you can find everything from recipes, advice/tips, reviews, motherhood topics, recommendations, DIY ideas, and a lot more.

You can also follow me here:

Instagram: @lana.blume

Twitter: @lana_blume


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